Friday, October 12, 2007

Goth works in mysterious ways

On Monday I'm off to New York, as DOP on Jeanie's "Goth Cruise' documentary. We've got a week in the city, then five days on the cruise itself, including a couple of days in Bermuda. I don't know what to expect, but all I know is that there is the potential that I will be sailing through the Bermuda Triangle with a man dressed as Satan, which is both a potentially terrifying omen and a great pitch for a B-movie.

1 comment:

cookie said...

I should co-co!

That's a great film pitch - mind you I reckon there's something already called THE DEVILS TRIANGLE.

what about SATAN'S SHIP!



I give in - what will you call it?

Hope it's going ok... my suggestion for buying was DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK? maybe BLUE UNDERGROUND STENDAHL SYNDROME disc, which sounds great? mind you their giallo AUTOPSY is supposed to be pretty good and I never saw the end of BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA which was great as my disc was fucked! THE FIFTH CORD too should be a good Gialli!

anyway - if you don't have time for film shopping I don't mind... I bet everythings looking good anyway - enjoy the sea and that.