Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some killings

In amongst a couple of weeks of personal life ups and downs - family stresses,sicknesses, taxes - I forgot to mention that 'Mum & Dad' is finally all done.Very remiss, I know. Still, it's not like it's taken up most of my brain for the past 18 months or so...

We watched the film off the DVD the other night at a friend's house, projecting onto their wall so it looked nice and big. I was really happy with it - I guess I'm so used to it now that there aren't that many surprises left - I think I know what works well and what could work better - but seeing it with a small audience and getting their response was great. It was like finally watching it as a film. Obviously, things like credits and logos help to cement the film as a 'proper' thing, but also knowing that there is nothing more that can be done to it (I mean in terms of money and time) means that when I watch it now I'm no longer watching an edit, but a finished film.

Next up, at the end of February, is the cast and crew screening (still to be confirmed) and then starts the long slog of trying to get the film out at festivals, seen by distributors and hopefully into cinemas. Or onto DVD. Or at the very least on its own page on IMDB, complete with dismissive reviews from internet punters. (I remember when Chris' Film 'One For The Road' came out on DVD in amongst the good and great reviews were a few really negative ones, some of the most dismissive coming online. There was one on Amazon which was really scathing, including the immortal line, in regard to the photography (which I was partially responsible for), 'prepare for your eyes to be raped'. Jesus, steady on now. )

In the meantime, I'm trying to get on with 'Empire of Flesh'. What with Jeanie still being in her 'Goth Cruise' edit and everything else going on, I've not had the time on it that I would have liked, so over the past week I've been really trying to crack on with it. I'm into the real meat of the horror part of the story now - I think I've killed five people this week (and permanently crippled another) - which tends to go a bit quicker in the actual writing, but probably takes more time up with planning and choreographing. Still, it's getting towards the end of the rough draft now, so hopefully by the time the cast and crew comes up, I'll have something approaching a first draft proper. It's going well, pretty smooth and linear. There's a bigger cast this time - about 20 speaking parts, with 7 or 8 primary characters - and a larger location, and there's a lot more blood and flesh than in 'Mum & Dad', but the themes are broadly similar and hopefully it'll still have the same mix of horror and domesticity.

Unless people hate that mix when they see 'Mum and Dad', in which case it'll be something completely different...

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