Thursday, March 04, 2010

Deliver Me

My short film 'Deliver Me' - made in the months before 'Mum & Dad'. Starring MyAnna Buring, Sam Loggin and Glenn Doherty.

Deliver Me from Steven Sheil on Vimeo.


I'll be appearing on a panel at the 'Bloodlines' Festival in Leicester tomorrow, alongside Jake West and Johannes Roberts, talking about Contemporary British Horror. Pete Walker, of 'Frightmare' legend, is also going to be there earlier in the day. Hopefully I'll get to say a few words to him about how his films played their part in inspiring 'Mum & Dad'...

Der britische Horrorfilm

A while ago, on the festival trail for 'Mum & Dad', I visited the Fantasy Filmfest in Germany, where I was interviewed alongside Mark Tonderai ("Hush") for German TV. Here, I recently discovered, is the interview.