Friday, February 09, 2007

Mayhem Awakening!

Just a quick bit of self-promotion on two counts - 'Awake' the film we shot in the Lake District last summer is being shown tomorrow night as a supporting short for the Korean monster movie 'The Host', as part of the Gala Weekend to celebrate the move of Derby's Metro Cinema to the Heap Lecture Theatre at the University of Derby. We got asked by Sally who works at the Metro to provide a 'Mayhem' short, and because we've pretty much shown everything from the past two years in Derby already, Cooke suggested we put on 'Awake'. I'm quite happy for it to go on - even though the sound mix could do with some work... - because I think it would be good to get an idea of how it works for an audience, and also, with my 'Mayhem' hat on, I think it's good to have new films to present, to get people regarding 'Mayhem' as a source of new local, national and international horror. Myself and Gareth are going to try and get over there tomorrow night, and maybe do a bit of promotion (well, talking to people in the bar) for the next upcoming event - 'Mayhem 3', which we really have got to do something about planning, seeing as it's bloody February already...

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