Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beware the fear-monger

'Mum & Dad' has been featured on the Edinburgh International Film Festival website as one of their horror film choices at the festival. Here's the write-up:

"Rarely does EIFF feel the need to warn audiences of disturbing scenes, but this really is one exceptionally acerbic film, which will challenge even the most hardcore of horror veterans. If there’s one place we can fall back on in dismal times it must be the hearth of dear old mum and dad, but in British fear-monger Steven Sheil’s world there’s simply no escape. Prepare for the worst."

And hope for the best, I guess.

It's great that they're selling the film like that - and it's great to finally become known as an official 'fear-monger' - which, I feel, is probably the best of the monger family to be (much more impactful than 'fish-' or 'iron-'. Although probably less worrying than 'war-'.) And definitely better to be monging (?) fear than monging hate, like this guy (who actually turned out to be the real mind of Adolf Hitler in a cloned body, who attempted to blackmail the nations of earth by threatening to blast them all with a 'hate-ray' from his orbiting space station. Ah, comics.)

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