Friday, June 06, 2008

"We only wear black until they invent a darker colour..."

Jeanie's film Goth Cruise, which I worked on as DOP (alongside Mark Bushnell) is now finished. Here's the trailer:
Goth Cruise (the movie) Trailer

The film is currently gearing up for the festival circuit, so hopefully should be viewable in full later in the year.

It all seems so long ago now and it was such a hard shoot in lots of ways - filming people wearing black, in dark locations is always a bit of a challenge, adding on top of that being on a cruise ship the size of a shopping centre and shooting days that lasted from dawn until the early hours of the morning meant that the whole experience has just merged into some weird fever-dream. Still, it was kind of fun. Look, here's me having fun.

And they say Goths are miserable.

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