Friday, June 06, 2008

From Mayhem to November

As well as gearing up for Edinburgh, I've also been working with Chris and Gareth on the plans for this year's Mayhem Horror Film Festival. This will be the fourth year we've run the festival, and this year we're going for an even bigger programme, stretching over three days rather than just one night. Obviously that means finding a lot more content, but also gives us the opportunity to do a lot more events, outside of just showing films, that will hopefully give the festival a strong identity amongst horror fans. The festival is planned for the Halloween weekend - Friday 31st October to Sunday 2nd November - and is going to include a shorts programmes (any submissions gratefully welcomed), some special previews, some classics and hopefully a few special guests. We're going to be updating people on the website and on our Facebook page as soon as we get things confirmed. The event is going to be taking place at Nottingham's Broadway Cinema (as usual), including a big Halloween party in the cafe bar on the opening night. Get working on your Halloween costumes now..

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