Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thatcher, the BBC and Sir Sean's shoulder

Gearing up for Edinburgh, I got invited onto local radio this morning to talk about 'Mum & Dad'. It was only a brief spot on the breakfast show, but they played a bit of the trailer and I also got to plug Mayhem. On the website they also plug Jeanie's film and mine and Cooke's long-gestating wrestling film, so hopefully everybody's happy. (Except Film London, who I didn't get the chance to mention. Shit.) I really wish I hadn't used the phrase 'the magic of filmmaking' or that I'd used it in a much more ironic way. (At least I didn't say 'the planes are actually another character in the film').

The festival has also put up a new piece about the film, which posits Margaret Thatcher as being responsible for the whole horror of the film (her quote about there being 'no such thing as society' was one of the springboards for the script), which serves her right for fucking up the 1980s.

In other Edinburgh-related news, Sean Connery apparently will be attending, despite a recent golfing injury. Which I only mention, because I just found out the other day, that he's been doing some stealth marketing for us.Thanks, Sir Sean! (I've also learned, from the same site, that Robert Downey Jr. has a tattoo of himself as a superhero on his arm (how prescient) and that 'Bill Murray has a cartoon duck on his shoulder' - although whether that's a tattoo or a Harvey-style figment of his imagination, I don't know.)

Finally, Lisa Trnovski has been chosen as one of the festival's Trailblazers. I'm not sure entirely what it entails, but it means that, thanks to the EIFF, we both now have super-hero aliases: Trailblazer and Fearmonger. Actually, that sounds more like a hero and a villain.

I'm off to the festival tomorrow morning - will try and post while I'm there...

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Chris Cooke said...

I would like to see Drea De Matteo's tats!

I said...

never mind.