Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mum and Dad Shoot - Day One

The first day is always the worst on a shoot, at least in terms of nerves, because you don’t know how anything’s going to pan out – how people are going to work together, how all the elements are going to look once you’ve got them in front of the camera, how the actual script is going to hold up. So it was good to get today out of the way – not that we had a bad day – far from it – we only had one scene scheduled – a big kitchen scene with all five main cast – but we managed to get it wrapped ahead of schedule and knock off a couple of extra smaller scenes as well (thus keeping me in the good books of Lisa and Andrew the A.D.) I think we managed to cover it all – it was one of those scenes where it’s mainly people walking through a room or sat at a table, so the focus of the action was quite split – my worry with it would be that it looks too disjointed – but the performances were all good and everything seemed to work okay, and the space wasn’t even as tight as I’d feared (helped by the fact of using the camera that were using with the pro 35 on, because it really helps us out with depth of field.)

Although bricking it a bit last night, once we actually got on set and started working, I felt a lot calmer – its obvious really, but once you actually start doing something rather than just thinking about it, a lot of your worries have to find other places to hide outside of your immediate forebrain.

I think we got some good stuff – one of my favourite bits of today revolved around our stunt pig (a weird half-homage to 80s sitcom ‘Bread’) and his deadpan appearance at the end of one of the shots. Along with close-ups of sizzling steaks, it was a bit of a meaty day. Although we did end it with a shot of some pretty kittens. Aaaah.

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