Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mum and Dad Shoot - Day Thirteen

We actually managed to finish early today - albeit only twenty minutes, although compared to the last few nights' rushing around it felt positively leisurely. This morning we had to pick up a couple of bathroom scenes which we'd had to postpone from ten days ago due to Olga's illness (and the concurrent loss of our original location). Because of the new location, it meant that my original plans for the scene had to go out of the window a bit and I had to try and reconfigure the same action with different elements. Hopefully it's all going to work. Because of the cramped space, I had to spend most of the morning standing in a shower cubicle to watch the monitor, although at one stage, just for a change, I got to straddle a toilet.

After lunch, we moved to our new location - the cellar. The art dept. have done a fantastic job (as usual) of making the space look as small and weird as it is in the script (the actual cellar is massive) and it was surprisingly easy and enjoyable to shoot in there - despite the dust which seems to permanently hang in the air. This afternoon's scene is one of my favourites in the script - we used it as an audition piece as well - Birdie's big teenage temper tantrum. It's one of the least horror-ful scenes in the film, but it's got some nice character stuff in it and Toby (Elbie) and Ainsley (Birdie) were both fantastic - as they both had been during casting. It was a good day, all in all - we've got another big one tomorrow in order to get us back on schedule after the lost day, so I'm really hoping we manage to get that all done.

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