Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mum and Dad Shoot - Day Eight

After last night's exhausting and frenzied finale (and a night of very little sleep, due to a combination of being irresponsibly filled with industrial-strength coffee throughout last evening's shoot, Betsy waking up and coming into bed with us and having a nightmare (I never have nightmares, or at least ones that I can remember - and this one wasn't very exciting, just a feeling of overwhelming fear and panic that someone had got into the house...)), today was actually felt a bit more back on track. We got everything done that we'd planned, and a little bit of stuff we had planned to start tomorrow, so that was good, and we were in a different location, which seemed to cheer everybody up a bit - although the new set - Dad's tool room - though brilliantly art designed, does feature some vicious implements hanging down (saws, hooks, what looks like a rusty rotovator), which means a lot of banging, scraping and near-impaling of heads.

We did a couple of big-ish scenes - including the first proper introduction of Dad, which featured a shot which managed to disgust and repulse everybody on set - even me. It's not particularly gory, really, just a really wrong image (again, you're going to have to wait to see the film to see what I mean...)

Everybody seemed on good form, even after yesterday, so that made me feel a bit more relaxed. We do still have an ever-present nagging of things that we've either missed, or need to pick up, but if I block all of those out of my mind, it actually doesn't seem to impossible to do everything that's in the schedule - especially now we're up to speed with how quickly we can move.

More tool room stuff tomorrow, including Mark Devenport's severed head...

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