Monday, April 30, 2007

Mum and Dad Shoot - Day Fourteen

Second day in the cellar and a stupid amount of pages to get through again – basically due to trying to fit all of the scenes orginally scheduled for two days into a day and a half. We started with the biggest scene and got it pretty much done before lunch, but then had to go straight into blocking the next one. At which point, after 14 and a half days and 350 slates, my mind just went blank. I knew what was happening in the scene, but for about fifteen minutes I just couldn’t think about where to put the camera – like I’d burnt out that bit of my brain. Jonathan was suggesting things and I just couldn’t tell if they felt right. Then Lisa and Andrew and Caroline (script supervisor) all started to make suggestions as well and for a moment I really really wanted just to walk away for half an hour and get my head together. But the demands of the schedule mean that half an h our of doing nothing could cripple us for the rest of the day – we had to clear that location tonight – so I just decided on a first shot and thought – whether it was the best shot or not – it would at least get us going again. And once we got Olga, Ainsley and Toby in and started shooting, things seemed to resolve themselves and we managed to get everything done that we wanted to. But it did make me think that next time (when or if ever that might be), I’m going to try and ask for a little more time in the schedule. Because working like this again is just going to break my brain.

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