Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mum and Dad Shoot - Day Three

A good day today, but also a tricky one. We did the last of our kitchen scenes, including a great bit between Dad (Perry) and Birdie (Ainsley), as well as a terrific scene between Mum (Dido) and Lena (Olga). Unfortunately, Olga also discovered – after feeling ill for the past few days – that she’s got a throat infection. The doctor has recommended rest – which means a bit of rescheduling for us – Olga’s in pretty much all the scenes in the film, so if we lose her at all, it’ll really screw us up, but luckily we were able to swap the one day where we don’t need her for the stuff we had planned tomorrow, which means bringing Mark Devenport in to play Van Man (no-one in the film apart from Lena actually has a real name) a day early. He’s looking forward to it – especially playing opposite Perry, who Mark actually first suggested for the part. ( I’ve told Perry that he owes Mark a drink for it.)

It’s also meant that our Prodution Designer Jess and all the Art Department crew are having to work even harder (and they’ve worked incredibly hard for weeks now in getting everything together) to get things ready ahead of schedule. I’m just hoping that Olga going to be okay to carry on after a bit of rest – obviously for her sake I hope she gets better quickly, but from my own selfish persepective, we really need her back soon. Or else it’ll be me in a wig and a lot of long shots from the back for the rest of the shoot…

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